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Our facials are gentle soothing treatments designed to make your skin look healthy and feel vibrant.

Treatment Price

The Sanctuaries Signature Facial  

This bespoke facial is a power packed anti-ageing Facial. We use the DF Machine to increase the penetration of ALL Active ingredients used in the facial by up to 4000%.
The infusion of Vitamin A&C under a calming and hydrating Alginate Mask, leaves the skin looking even in colour and very plump.The ingredients penetrate far deeper into the skin resulting in fantastic results. 


Uplifting Facial

This treatment awakens and refreshes the skin leaving you feeling relaxed.

(30 min)

Hydrating Facial

Recommended for all skin types.
A soothing and relaxing treatment of Vitamins and antioxidants.  This treatment locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.  

(1 hr)

Radiance Renewal Facial

Recommended for pigmented, premature aging skin.
Infusing Vitamin A, C, E restores the skin and helps the growth of natural collagen to improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce fine lines.  Also lightens pigmentation.

ADD ON: Environ Ionyze DF Machine infuses active ingredients to targeted areas to tighten the skin and lighten pigmentation and hydration.


(1 hr) 


Skin Peels

Peeling system allows you to have skin “peels” that are not harsh or detrimental to your skin.  Environ has various peels.  Depending on your skin concerns, it can promote natural exfoliation giving a fresher, softer, smoother, and lighter appearance to the skin.  This normalizes the skins protective acid mantle enabling a heightened absorption of the product.

(30 min)
(Course of 6) 

24Hr cancellation of appointments is appreciated. Cancellations on the day may incur a $20 fee.


Environ Skin Care: Environ uses high levels of vitamin A, C antioxidants and peptides to help normalise and protect the skin from the harmful effects of today’s environment. If you would like healthier skin, book a free skin consultation and we can discuss treatments tailored to suit your skins needs.